Blade Repair System

Shaft Blade Step 1

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Shaft Blade Step 4

SRS® blade repairs utilize the DuraBuild™ Reconstruction Process and ExoFlex™ Technology. During the reconstruction process, great care is taken to restore the original blade pattern and shape.

Next, ExoFlex™ Technology is used to create a lightweight composite armor using 2 layers of carbon fiber. Finished SRS® blade repairs maintain a thin profile matching the original stick, yet are durable enough for play at the professional level.

Shaft Repair System

Shaft Repair Step 1

Shaft Repair Step 2

Shaft Repair Step 3

Shaft Repair Step 4

SRS® shaft repairs utilize a carbon fiber AirCore™ and Shaft-Lock™ Technology - a process used to prepare the interior wall of the shaft and "lock" the repair in place.

The AirCore™ is comprised of 2 layers of carbon fiber surrounding a foam center, which allows the AirCore™ to conform to junior, intermediate, and senior shafts. Being concealed internally, SRS® composite shaft repairs minimize visual disturbance and preserve the external shaft profile. In other words, they look and feel great.

Durability Testing

In addition to numerous field tests, the SRS® repair systems have been lab tested to objectively measure durability. This machine flexes the shaft repeatedly to simulate the stress during play. These tests are conducted to continuously improve the system and ensure that SRS® repairs maintain maximum performance.