shaft repair

blade repair

It's not over...

Repair broken hockey sticks and reinforce your lamp-lighting weaponry with SRS® composite technology. In the hands of trained pro shop professionals, the SRS® stick repair system will restore cracked blades, chipped toes, crushed heels, severed shafts, and more. You name it! So don't throw your broken sticks in the trash. Get them back in the game with SRS® composite technology.

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Put SRS in your shop

If you would like to offer the SRS® repair service to your customers, visit the Dealer Zone. You'll find a list of authorized distributors and more detail on the systems available.

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"I didn't know what to expect when I grabbed the hockey stick repaired with the SRS® system. I played with it, hitting everything from wrist-shots to slap-shots and it worked great. It just played like a new stick."

Chuck Kobasew NHL Professional